How to Send an eCard

Account Set-up

As the person opening the eKarda account, you are the administrator. This allows you to access a variety of admin-only features to make it easy for you to manage the eCards being sent from your business. These features enable you to empower, manage and help your staff, as well as controlling, maintaining and overseeing brand identity and messaging.
Authorise Senders

Empower your staff to send eCards. Simply cut-and-paste each staff member’s name and email address into your list of authorised senders, and they’ll receive their own login allowing them to manage contact lists, send out eCards using eCard credits from your admin account, view reports and more.

Send on behalf of others

Help your staff by sending eCards for them. As administrator, you can send on behalf of any of your authorised senders. Simply choose the sender’s name/email address from a drop-down menu and your eCards will appear in the recipient’s inbox from that name and email address.

Set default messages and designs

Strengthen and maintain your brand identity by overseeing the eCard designs and messages that your senders can use. Limit your authorised senders to specific designs and messages, or allow them to choose any design and compose their own messages. Set these options easily in your card setup.

Upload Logos

Brand your eCards. As administrator, you are in control of uploading your logo/s and selecting the display size. You can upload multiple logos for multiple brands. Your authorised senders then choose the appropriate logo within your organisation.

Customise Footer

Say more with a customised footer. As administrator, you can set up a customised footer to appear at the bottom of all eCards for your business. This can be anything from a message about a charity supported by your business to a note on your environmentally responsible choice of an eCard.

Social Media

Enable your eCards to be shared on Facebook and Twitter. eCard recipients can share links to their eCards with one click. As administrator, you control which links are available by checking a box in your eCard setup.

Custom Designs

If none of the designs in our eCard gallery suit your needs or you have specific artwork requirements, request custom eCard designs for your exclusive use. Simply log in and supply your brief and artwork. As administrator, you manage all your custom eCard requests directly from your custom eCards page.

Create Send Lists

Building and maintaining send lists is easy with eKarda. Enter your contacts manually or import them from existing files. Then create up to 10 custom data fields to segment and target narrowly defined groups of recipients. If senders want to unsubscribe from a send list, you can simply suppress their addresses until further notice. Watch a tutorial here.
Manage Subscribers with ease

Manage all your subscribers by creating lists and adding any relevant contacts. Having separate lists keeps you organised and eliminates the need to search one large contacts list. List are simple to create and can be done in minutes.

Create Custom Fields

Segment your contacts easily by adding custom fields to their details. These fields can be based on text, numbers or dates e.g. favourite colour, lucky number or birthday. These fields allow you to target niche groups or individuals for campaigns.

Create Suppression List

If any of your contacts wish to unsubscribe from receiving your eCards, you can suppress their email addresses by adding them to a suppression list. You and your other senders will no longer be able to send eCards to contacts on the suppression list, avoiding sending unwanted eCards.

Design an eCard

For maximum branding impact, integrate your logo into one of eKarda’s many ready-to-use designs or order a custom design. Then compose the message and set limits on how other senders can further personalise the eCard. Add an optional footer and links to social media, and you are done. The finished artwork is archived with eKarda, so that you can resend or revise it for other use in the future. Watch a tutorial here.
eCard Gallery

Begin your eCard design by exploring our extensive range of ready-to-send eCards that you can brand with your logo. Our eCard gallery is updated regularly with more great designs. Our custom design option is available if you can’t find anything suitable.

Save or resend

Save your eCards as a draft, whether completed or not. Uncompleted drafts can be reopened to continue designing, and completed designs can be reopened to send out again, either the same design or with changes. This means that you can keep all your favourite designs.

Send an eCard

Boost employee pride and make each card more relevant by authorising staff members to send eCards to their own particular contacts. Authorised senders can dispatch the finished eCard instantly, set a time for manual dispatch or schedule dispatch according to individual contact attributes such as birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. Watch a tutorial here.
Send Now or schedule

Send your eCards as soon as they are designed and your recipients receive them in their inboxes instantly. Or schedule your eCards to be sent at a future date or time: you can schedule your Christmas cards months ahead and not have to worry about them again.

Date Matching

Send eCards to individual recipients on varied dates such as birthdays or anniversaries. All you need to do is enter these dates into the contacts’ custom fields. If your custom fields is birthdays, you can schedule eCards to be sent on each of your contacts’ birthdays.

Track Results

By logging into your eKarda control panels, you and your senders are able to track each and every eCard sent. You see immediately when dispatched eCards have been received and opened, if they have bounced or if recipients have requested to be unsubscribed from the send list. Watch a tutorial here.
Open Reporting

Keep track of every eCard that you send with open reporting. Each eCard has its own report, outlining whom it was sent to, on what date it was sent, who has opened their eCard and which eCards if any have bounced.

Bounce Management

As part of eKarda’s reporting, you can see if any of your recipients’ eCards have bounced. This keeps you up-to-date with your contacts’ email addresses. You may want to either contact bounced recipients to update their details and/or add them to your suppression list.


  • "We found their service to be of extremely high quality and very professional. They guided us well through the implementation of 3 different Christmas cards sent to thousands of different contacts. We will be using them again this year and would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other company that is considering electronic card campaigns.” David Hoath, Sales and Marketing Director, Fairfax Media

  • "We were inundated with feedback from our clients, suppliers and business partners commending us on the quality and creativity of the cards. The design was a real hit with all recipients!” Kim Witkowski, National Marketing Manager, Interleasing (Australia)

  • "The response we had from our e-cards was overwhelming. We had countless positive comments from suppliers, guests and key contacts – many of whom replied saying how great the cards were. People really loved it!” Grant Goodwin, Marketing Manager, Hotel Windsor

  • "They look fantastic. Very, very nice. Thanks for all your help and assistance with this. I’ve asked you about a million questions and you have been very helpful in every instance.” Philip Mustafa, Marketing, Clarius Group

  • "We’re really pleased with the final result and it has certainly been a much easier process than previous years. We've had some great feedback from our members and clients as well!” Emma Mackie, Manager, Brand and Community, West Coast Eagles Football Club

  • "We found the eCards to be a convenient way of reaching our clients, employees and suppliers. They are less time-consuming than cardboard, environmentally friendly and offer the added advantage of a once a year ‘health check’ of the accuracy of our email contacts.” Peter Ellsmore, Managing Director, Peter Ellsmore and Associates

  • "The team at Enteract were very professional and supportive during our Christmas eCard distribution. Their efficiency and quality was outstanding, I’m looking forward to working with them again this year.” Tara Downsborough, Marketing Director, Butlers Barristers & Solicitors

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